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Tool to track sales indicators

There are more than 30 indicators of work of sales department on which it is possible to estimate the work of the department. It is better to use sales tracker tool for these purposes

● salesvolume;
● the number of products sold;
● numberofpotentialclients;
● averagebill;
conversionof sales;
● the profit got from one client;
● level of service of clients.

Conversion of sales as a key indicator for business

Conversion of sales is a ratio of buyers to the total number of the clients. It is important to consider and analyze this indicator correctly.
Conversion = positively closed transactions for the period / (all closed transactions for this period) * 100%
The transactions created and not closed during the studied period don’t participate in a formula. Thus, your potential clients don’t influence conversion calculation.

Funnel of sales for competent management

It allows to analyze conversion and to make the correct administrative decisions competently if you have constructed funnel of sales. It represents the principle of distribution of clients on all stages of the process of sale: from the first contact until the sale.

Control of a funnel of sales

For high-quality work of your department, it is important to control the following indicators of a funnel of sales:
● intermediateconversionbetweenstages;
● length of each stage — the number of the days spent for intermediate actions;
● transaction length — the number of the days spent for closing the transaction.

Calculate conversion and analyze the funnel. Having received concrete figures, you will be able to make the correct administrative decisions.

Better Options from the Best Website in SEO Works

The development of a web site, an e-shop or others.web project online is a long and complicated process. They need a proper strategy, constant technical support, excellent advertising plan, tips and new ideas. Internet marketing, also known as web marketing, online marketing, digital marketing or e-marketing can be defined as promoting brands, products or services on the Internet.

Effective reach and branding is an essential part of successful business. Internet marketing is a strategy that helps to build online the company’s popularity and an excellent tool for generating sales through various tools and solutions. The companies are convinced that we follow the principle that marketing should not be a basic cost but an investment in your business. A prerequisite for this is the development of a successful marketing strategy, including the precise identification of the company’s goals and tasks in terms of its marketing, as well as the most effective way to achieve it. With the support of the Great sEO Companies you can expect the best returns now.

Identifying the target audience and sending the right message to it is a key point in marketing strategy. Creating high-quality content will attract high-quality visitors. Appropriate for this purpose are social network integration, blog / news articles, e-books, video or audio interviews, etc. to intrigue the audience.

Social media Facebook Advertising,AdWords advertising, Facebook chat

You do not have the time, technical expertise or staff to create, develop and maintain your business profile on some / some social networks.

They offer you:

  • analyzing your business to determine which social networks we create an account
  • creating an account for specific needs identified
  • its proper configuration according to its business objectives
  • management / information maintenance of social profile

Social networks are just one communication channel, not the ultimate destination to bring our users. To make sure that a person is interested in our product, he / she needs to do some action on our site.

Sites are now much more accessible

For many years, making a website was a tough and costly job that stopped many small businesses and self-employed professionals from such a step. Today, however, open platforms such as WordPress have made site creation much easier and more accessible. Of course, it is necessary to invest in domain and hosting, but this investment is negligible compared to all the benefits of having your own website.

While it’s unlikely, in social networks, your site may even be removed (so-called ban) if a large group of users complain about it before the social platform itself. In this situation, it is again possible to lose all your existing investments and efforts you have made to build the page. By comparison, if you have your own site and your social campaigns always direct the audience to it, even if you lose the page, you will keep a large part of your audience.

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