The Right Utility from Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most used tools in everyday business. However, some features designed to improve efficiency are poorly known and therefore little exploited. Perspective offers training to help you improve productivity with Microsoft Word and use advanced features. With this training, you will be in possession of the keys to make good use of the tool and use it to the best of its abilities.

This Microsoft Word training allows you to prepare the TOSA certification and assess your level of proficiency in the software. TOSA certification is eligible for CPF for all employees and job-seekers at the national level. CPF Code: 164,617.

Microsoft Word Training: Training Content

  • Discover the environment of Mircrosoft Word
  • Become familiar with the interface
  • Discover the different navigation pane and different display modes
  • Know how to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Automate some pre-recorded tasks

Take advantage of the efficiency of editing tools

  • Use copy-paste, cut, special collage
  • Do a search on text or format, replace words quickly.
  • Create a table of contents, a bibliography, an index and a table of illustrations.
  • Set up spelling check and review and tracking tools that are very useful for using different shared versions of a text.

Presentation of Word

  • Start and set the Word software
  • Display modes
  • Change the default font
  • The general organization of the welcome window
  • Menus, ribbons, sections
  • Composing text
  • Creating a new document
  • Entering text, notion of paragraph
  • Moving in the document
  • Selecting words, sentences and paragraphs
  • Inserting, deleting, copying, cutting, pasting, duplicating
  • Canceling and repeating actions
  • Find and / or replace an expression

Manage your documents

  • Helpful hints on the folder tree and file names
  • Create folders, subfolders, classification logic
  • Search for a document based on specific criteria
  • Open an existing document
  • Save, formats and compatibilities

Create a shortcut on the desktop

  • Format characters and paragraphs
  • The dangers of simple paste, interest of special collage
  • Edit font and font size
  • Use attributes (bold, underline, italic and their useful shortcuts)
  • Align text (alignments, etc.) Justify a text, why and when)
  • Use paragraph indents, use of the rule
  • The styles
  • Definition, utility, why and when to use them
  • Use existing styles
  • Create your own styles
  • Edit and display your own styles

Advanced Formatting

  • Reproduce Formatting (Once, Many Times)
  • Paragraph Frames
  • Bullets and Numbering Lines (Creating Your Own Bullets)
  • Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
  • Inserting a Forced Page Break
  • Defining a Header and a Header footer
  • header and footer different for the first page
  • Dividing a document into sections
  • Control tabs
  • Place, move, and delete tabs Tab
  • formatting
  • Correction and verification
  • Correct the spelling and complete the dictionary
  • Replace a word with one of its synonyms
  • Check the layout, print preview
  • Fast zoom function, multi-window

Print the document

  • Layout the document (setting margins, orientation, destination printer, paper size, printing options)
  • Start printing (tip for long document)
  • Manage prints, cancel print
  • Print in Acrobat document (PDF Creator)

This Microsoft Word training is eligible for CPF can therefore be fully supported as part of your CPF hours (Personal Training Account). We are able to assist you in setting up the case file so that you can focus on your professional project!

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How online streaming has affected TV?

Film and series fans are no longer dependent on the television program. Thanks to platforms such as Moviebox for PC, viewers can design their program. The right apps are not pre-installed on every TV. However, nobody needs to look at the online content on the computer screen. Modern PCs can be easily connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. The then serves as a second screen. The controller continues to run on the computer. If the computer does not have an HDMI output then it still needs a suitable adapter from the DVI to the HDMI port or an extra cable to transfer the sound.


The solution is favorable. Movie fans only need to buy the HDMI cable for the already existing PC. A two meter long copy is available in the market. In addition the cable connection is very stable which favors a trouble free transmission. If you do not have a notebook then you need to connect to the PC. Users connect the Streaming box or stickdevices to the TV via HDMI. Ideally, the box or stick disappears behind the device or optically integrate into the multimedia corner of the living room.

For some video streaming services apps are already pre-installed which can then be controlled partly directly by remote control. In addition, content from the tablet, smartphone or PC can be wirelessly sent to the TV via WLAN radio. And if you do not have the pre-installed app then download Movie box android right now to enjoy the streaming quality.

Blu-ray player or game console

Blu-ray player or consoles like the more recent Xboxes from Microsoft or the Playstation models from Sony offer the ability to play videos via youtube. In addition, they have partially pre-installed apps from online streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video, Watch-ever or Netflix, bringing the movie enjoyment from the network to the TV.The offer is limited to those apps and services that are available for the respective system. The users have no guarantee that the respective provider maintains the programs permanently.

Conclusion: online streaming program

Watching a movie without subtitles is the most ideal option. You are not distracted by reading subtitles and are completely immersed in English. But this option is not for everyone. So you can understand the film from the first time without subtitles you must have a fairly good level of English. Turn on the movie with English subtitles. And so it is necessary to work out the entire movie. For beginners, it is better to choose short films or series. After you have disassembled the entire film into parts turn it on again. This time you will not only understand the individual words but also their meaning.

Tool to track sales indicators

There are more than 30 indicators of work of sales department on which it is possible to estimate the work of the department. It is better to use sales tracker tool for these purposes

● salesvolume;
● the number of products sold;
● numberofpotentialclients;
● averagebill;
conversionof sales;
● the profit got from one client;
● level of service of clients.

Conversion of sales as a key indicator for business

Conversion of sales is a ratio of buyers to the total number of the clients. It is important to consider and analyze this indicator correctly.
Conversion = positively closed transactions for the period / (all closed transactions for this period) * 100%
The transactions created and not closed during the studied period don’t participate in a formula. Thus, your potential clients don’t influence conversion calculation.

Funnel of sales for competent management

It allows to analyze conversion and to make the correct administrative decisions competently if you have constructed funnel of sales. It represents the principle of distribution of clients on all stages of the process of sale: from the first contact until the sale.

Control of a funnel of sales

For high-quality work of your department, it is important to control the following indicators of a funnel of sales:
● intermediateconversionbetweenstages;
● length of each stage — the number of the days spent for intermediate actions;
● transaction length — the number of the days spent for closing the transaction.

Calculate conversion and analyze the funnel. Having received concrete figures, you will be able to make the correct administrative decisions.

Better Options from the Best Website in SEO Works

The development of a web site, an e-shop or others.web project online is a long and complicated process. They need a proper strategy, constant technical support, excellent advertising plan, tips and new ideas. Internet marketing, also known as web marketing, online marketing, digital marketing or e-marketing can be defined as promoting brands, products or services on the Internet.

Effective reach and branding is an essential part of successful business. Internet marketing is a strategy that helps to build online the company’s popularity and an excellent tool for generating sales through various tools and solutions. The companies are convinced that we follow the principle that marketing should not be a basic cost but an investment in your business. A prerequisite for this is the development of a successful marketing strategy, including the precise identification of the company’s goals and tasks in terms of its marketing, as well as the most effective way to achieve it. With the support of the Great sEO Companies you can expect the best returns now.

Identifying the target audience and sending the right message to it is a key point in marketing strategy. Creating high-quality content will attract high-quality visitors. Appropriate for this purpose are social network integration, blog / news articles, e-books, video or audio interviews, etc. to intrigue the audience.

Social media Facebook Advertising,AdWords advertising, Facebook chat

You do not have the time, technical expertise or staff to create, develop and maintain your business profile on some / some social networks.

They offer you:

  • analyzing your business to determine which social networks we create an account
  • creating an account for specific needs identified
  • its proper configuration according to its business objectives
  • management / information maintenance of social profile

Social networks are just one communication channel, not the ultimate destination to bring our users. To make sure that a person is interested in our product, he / she needs to do some action on our site.

Sites are now much more accessible

For many years, making a website was a tough and costly job that stopped many small businesses and self-employed professionals from such a step. Today, however, open platforms such as WordPress have made site creation much easier and more accessible. Of course, it is necessary to invest in domain and hosting, but this investment is negligible compared to all the benefits of having your own website.

While it’s unlikely, in social networks, your site may even be removed (so-called ban) if a large group of users complain about it before the social platform itself. In this situation, it is again possible to lose all your existing investments and efforts you have made to build the page. By comparison, if you have your own site and your social campaigns always direct the audience to it, even if you lose the page, you will keep a large part of your audience.

Hire an SEO Consultant to Enhance Your Site Value Online

Webmasters involved in designing their online websites and posting their informative and amazing contents always intend to see amazing results in the form of increase in search engine ranks and earning big amount in dollars. For this, it is essential for every site owner to follow suitable SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization methodologies and techniques.


SEO methodologies and techniques


LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO is an efficient key to build and receive high value of traffic pouring into your blog or website. However, main question that strikes in the mind of every individual is that what exactly he or she should do to optimize their site and receive huge flow of traffic into it. In other words, how a blogger or a site owner could find an expert, who can entrust you with the job related to optimization of the website and let to receive huge online traffic.


Role of an SEO consultant


Here comes the role of an SEO consultant, who can easily make sure about making the website search engine friendly and in turn giving high value for investment. The aforementioned fact is justified by the fact that communication with experts has always remained a best possible way to resolve queries and deal with different types of issues in the efficient way. However, you have to follow some important tips to choose a reliable and a reputable SEO consultant in your area. These include –

  • Ask large numbers of questions as possible prior to award job to the consultant or the company. You should strictly avoid asking questions after the actual hiring process.
  • Try to grab an eye of a detail on their previous works and also gain know how on their past and present clients. Experience really matters in this field.

Taking Suitable References

  • Site owners should make sure to ask for suitable references of clients by taking contact details and simultaneously, some relevant samples related to their previous done assignments.
  • Take as many references as you can about the company or the SEO consultant. You can also go through the forums and discussion boards to read reviews about the ones you have been talking to.
  • You should never take any of the tasks for granted, which they perform unless you mention the same clearly into the agreement or contract copy.
  • Lastly, check for the budgets when it comes to designating LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO

Hence, in this way, you can avail services of SEO consultant and expect to improve your ranks over search engines.
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Five must use top SEO tools for analysing a website:

Like every website available on the internet, the main important feature is the performance of the site is a major constraint. One needs to optimize regularly for obtaining good performance of the site, the response of the site when searched about it on the World Wide Web using Phoenix SEO. There are many tools available on the internet, some tools are free to download and execute and some tools are premium to use. Some tools may also available as a free trial for some period of time. This needs to be renewed with the time period or duration by extending option enabling.

The best tools use SEO for analysis:

The best way to find the performance and utility of an application or website using the SEO Is get users report with feedback from them. Many tools are there to identify these like GTmetrix, is one type of tool to identify the fastness of the website. If the user is clicked on the website, if it takes much time buffer, the client may choose other options. To avoid such slowness of response GTmetrix tool is used speed up the process. Some basic functions of the site are available for free. By installing the GTmetrix tool one can able to analyse browser and location of the client. The website performance and speed and page weight feature can be known.

Site check-up for SEO is a tool available for free to download and use. It’s the tool of the main feature is in case there is an error, this tool can help to find the error and fix within a few minutes. Open site explorer tool is a free version to give an overview of the brief look of a range of links will be displayed. This will help the team to recover the problem encountered soon.

Among many tools, buzz stream tool provides project management, email marketing. It’s one of the best platforms to collect the data about domain and authority for some websites. To obtain the ranking of websites concerned.

Some other software tools used for optimization:

Moz pro is one kind of tool providing a set of tools in it. Quickly it gives the overview approach is carried out. One of the team members used, it shows the difficulty score comparing on comparing with competitors. It gives the best suggestions for related words. It summarizes optimizations suggestions and error alerts. The backlink tool conveys who is linking one’s own website; the best feature is it can easily detect the spam.

True Opportunities for the proper Home Improvement

A house is not something that stays always in the same way, but rather the opposite, with the passage of time we realize that something is always missing. If this is your case, we invite you to know the following tricks that will help you improve your home.

Organizers for our house

When we start a new life away from home where we have grown up, however much we want to have this new home of everything necessary, over time we will always realize that something is always missing, however small it is, it is very important to Our day to day. We can always buy this kind of things in any store, but we also have the opportunity to create them with our own hands, as they occur with the ideas that we bring you below and that will help you to make your home something better. The reliable singapore home improvement options are there.

1.- Recycle knobs on the doors to turn them into towel racks.

2.- A painted painting where to hide things on the wall.

3.- Organize your wristbands in toilet roll holders.

4.- Create original shelves using old wooden crates.

5.- Use an old laundry basket to create a polka dot template.

With this template you can decorate all the rooms in your house.

6.- The wine racks can be transformed into towel racks.

7.- The organizers of shoes can be used to organize certain foods.

8.- Save space by placing the ironing board hanging behind a door.

9.- Recycle the old CD organizers.

Take advantage of these organizers and use them to place your hygiene products that you have scattered around the bathroom.

  1. Use a beverage dispenser to manage your liquid detergent

Forget about the annoying use of the bottle that in the end always ends up falling something to the ground.

  1. Keep the excess paint in a jar of baby food

This way it will stay well to be able to use it for any retouching.


  1. A curtain rod to store the bathroom objects

You can use two curtain rods in your bathtub. One for the curtain, and another where to hang the different products we use.

  1. Keep a backup in your garden

To avoid staying in the street when you forget your keys, you can keep a copy in a small tube that will stick a pineapple on top. Then we buried it and it stays hidden there for when we need it.

  1. A frame with glass like blackboard

A marker pen for blackboards and a frame with glass is all we need to have a blackboard in our home.

  1. A lift table in the deepest shelves

If we have very deep shelves and what is behind you cannot see it because it covers the front objects, putting a small tablet where to place them, we will solve this problem.

  1. Use foam noodles to put protection in your garage

If our garage is very narrow and we are tired of hitting the wall with the door of the car, we use a sponge churro of the pools to add protection.

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