Tool to track sales indicators

There are more than 30 indicators of work of sales department on which it is possible to estimate the work of the department. It is better to use sales tracker tool for these purposes

● salesvolume;
● the number of products sold;
● numberofpotentialclients;
● averagebill;
conversionof sales;
● the profit got from one client;
● level of service of clients.

Conversion of sales as a key indicator for business

Conversion of sales is a ratio of buyers to the total number of the clients. It is important to consider and analyze this indicator correctly.
Conversion = positively closed transactions for the period / (all closed transactions for this period) * 100%
The transactions created and not closed during the studied period don’t participate in a formula. Thus, your potential clients don’t influence conversion calculation.

Funnel of sales for competent management

It allows to analyze conversion and to make the correct administrative decisions competently if you have constructed funnel of sales. It represents the principle of distribution of clients on all stages of the process of sale: from the first contact until the sale.

Control of a funnel of sales

For high-quality work of your department, it is important to control the following indicators of a funnel of sales:
● intermediateconversionbetweenstages;
● length of each stage — the number of the days spent for intermediate actions;
● transaction length — the number of the days spent for closing the transaction.

Calculate conversion and analyze the funnel. Having received concrete figures, you will be able to make the correct administrative decisions.

The Right Utility from Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most used tools in everyday business. However, some features designed to improve efficiency are poorly known and therefore little exploited. Perspective offers training to help you improve productivity with Microsoft Word and use advanced features. With this training, you will be in possession of the keys to make good use of the tool and use it to the best of its abilities.

This Microsoft Word training allows you to prepare the TOSA certification and assess your level of proficiency in the software. TOSA certification is eligible for CPF for all employees and job-seekers at the national level. CPF Code: 164,617.

Microsoft Word Training: Training Content

  • Discover the environment of Mircrosoft Word
  • Become familiar with the interface
  • Discover the different navigation pane and different display modes
  • Know how to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Automate some pre-recorded tasks

Take advantage of the efficiency of editing tools

  • Use copy-paste, cut, special collage
  • Do a search on text or format, replace words quickly.
  • Create a table of contents, a bibliography, an index and a table of illustrations.
  • Set up spelling check and review and tracking tools that are very useful for using different shared versions of a text.

Presentation of Word

  • Start and set the Word software
  • Display modes
  • Change the default font
  • The general organization of the welcome window
  • Menus, ribbons, sections
  • Composing text
  • Creating a new document
  • Entering text, notion of paragraph
  • Moving in the document
  • Selecting words, sentences and paragraphs
  • Inserting, deleting, copying, cutting, pasting, duplicating
  • Canceling and repeating actions
  • Find and / or replace an expression

Manage your documents

  • Helpful hints on the folder tree and file names
  • Create folders, subfolders, classification logic
  • Search for a document based on specific criteria
  • Open an existing document
  • Save, formats and compatibilities

Create a shortcut on the desktop

  • Format characters and paragraphs
  • The dangers of simple paste, interest of special collage
  • Edit font and font size
  • Use attributes (bold, underline, italic and their useful shortcuts)
  • Align text (alignments, etc.) Justify a text, why and when)
  • Use paragraph indents, use of the rule
  • The styles
  • Definition, utility, why and when to use them
  • Use existing styles
  • Create your own styles
  • Edit and display your own styles

Advanced Formatting

  • Reproduce Formatting (Once, Many Times)
  • Paragraph Frames
  • Bullets and Numbering Lines (Creating Your Own Bullets)
  • Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
  • Inserting a Forced Page Break
  • Defining a Header and a Header footer
  • header and footer different for the first page
  • Dividing a document into sections
  • Control tabs
  • Place, move, and delete tabs Tab
  • formatting
  • Correction and verification
  • Correct the spelling and complete the dictionary
  • Replace a word with one of its synonyms
  • Check the layout, print preview
  • Fast zoom function, multi-window

Print the document

  • Layout the document (setting margins, orientation, destination printer, paper size, printing options)
  • Start printing (tip for long document)
  • Manage prints, cancel print
  • Print in Acrobat document (PDF Creator)

This Microsoft Word training is eligible for CPF can therefore be fully supported as part of your CPF hours (Personal Training Account). We are able to assist you in setting up the case file so that you can focus on your professional project!

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